The Many Uses Of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Rich In Silica Mineral

Diatomaceous earth is a kind of rock that is widely used today in agricultural, industrial, medical, and even cosmetic products. Its high levels of silica makes it ideal to treat many diseases and has been proven to have many benefits for human health. There are two kinds of Diatomaceous earth: industrial grade and food grade. The first is widely used in agriculture and industry but is poisonous for humans, while the latter can be ingested by humans whether it is for health or cosmetic reasons.

What Are The Small Fossilized Diatoms Made Of?

Diatomaceous earth is a soft sedimentary rock with a high level of silica as part of its composition. These type of rocks have formed over the course of millions of years of decomposition and fossilization of tiny organisms called Diatoms, that give the rock its name. Diatoms are a species of plankton that have existed since prehistory, and have used silica to build their shells. As they died, their bodies sank to the bottom of the sea where they formed a thick layer of fossilized sediments. When the water levels receded, large quarries of these sediments were exposed and are mined today in open pits.

Where Does Diatomaceous Earth Come From?

diatomaceous earth silicaThe first Diatomaceous earth pits were found in Haubelberg hill, in Northern Germany. Initially people thought that it was limestone and tried to use it as fertilizer, but soon scientists recognized that it was a different rock and had benefits of its own . More quarries were found in other parts of Germany as well as in the Czech Republic, the United States, Scotland, France, Denmark, and even in the Sahara Desert. The origin of these pits vary depending where they are located. Some of them are remnants of marine deposits left exposed when the waters receded, while others are found on lakes that were formed hundreds of thousands of years ago during the ice ages.


Medical studies prove that Diatomaceous rocks have many health benefits for people of all ages. Not only does it help seniors to prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the bones; but it also reduces the danger of suffering Alzheimer, and prevents the premature wrinkling of the skin. Silica also improves gastrointestinal health, reduces cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, and can even reduce obesity by helping the body to destroy bad fats. Small doses can also help people with insomnia, headaches, or vertigo; and even animals suffering from fleas of other forms of pests will benefit from using it.


With its high concentration of silica (up to 90%), alumina, and iron oxide; Diatomaceous earth has many benefits that make its use ideal in agricultural, industrial, pharmaceutical, and medical products.

Diatomaceous earth is widely used to control pests in farms, to make filters for swimming pools or large water tanks, and as a component in many drugs and cosmetic products including toothpaste, deodorants, facial masks, hair products. Whether it be food grade or industrial grade, consumption of Diatomaceous earth is likely to increase in the future as more people get familiarized with its benefits.